Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery and Password Unlocking

For the recovery of deleted files from a functioning Hard Drive, we take a complete sector by sector copy of the contents of the Drive and then carry out file carving for all known file types. The file carving software we use is Computer Forensic grade and can carve out the most obscure file types.

For recovering data from failed Hard Drives, we employ the very best in software and hardware based tools. Different brands and different models demand different approaches. Whether your HDD is not recognised by your computer, makes clicking noises, emits smoke or gives sector errors, you can be assured that we will use our experience and the world's leading tools to expertly pursue the recovery of your data.

The first stage of our service is to use tools to diagnose what the exact issue is. Our tools work with the internal firmware modules and PCB modules that are stored in the system disk area (negative sectors). These areas can not be accessed and diagnosed without specialist tools.

For highly sensitive data, you can be assured of confidentiality. For court related matters, you can be assured that we will follow strict Chain of Custody procedures and use tools and methods that will preserve the integrity of the data. One of our data recovery technicians is a Certified Computer Examiner and is conversant with the procedures and reporting requirements for Australian Courts.

Our services are very cost competitive, with hands on time charged at $120/Hour and processing time (use of our computer systems and software tools to process the recovery of data) at $60/Hour. If data can not be recovered from the drive then a maximum fee of $120 applies. It is not possible to provide a fixed price, however, we will generally know within an hour or two whether it may be possible to recover your data.

We are equipped to carry out the majority of data recovery strategies. In the case where a drive has a failed motor or broken head(s) or other issues which require the opening of the drive, we will refer you to an associate who is equipped with a clean room and the appropriate tools to repair the drive.

We support hard disk drives from the following manufacturers:

Western Digital

SATA and IDE Drives of all sizes are also supported: 3.5", 2.5", 1.8" Zif, including those in external enclosures (external USB/ESATA Hard Disk drive units). We can also unlock Master and User passwords on most brands of Hard Drives.

To organise the recovery of data from your drive, please Contact Us.

Please note that data recovery can not always be possible and there is some risk of further damage occurring in the various processes used (such as replacing chips on a PCB). You acknowledge that while we will use all care and our best efforts, there is no guarantee and you agree not to hold us liable for any such damage.