USB Flash/Thumb Drive Data Recovery

For the recovery of deleted files from a functioning USB Flash Drive or Micro USB Flash Drive , we take a complete sector by sector copy of the contents of the Drive and then carry out File Carving for all known file types. The file carving software we use is Computer Forensic grade and can carve out the most obscure file types.

If you need the data off a failed USB Flash Drive, then we can also assist. The most common causes of failure of USB Flash Drives are controller malfunction, electrical damage, physical damage and logical structure damage to the file system. Chip Level Data recovery from a USB Flash Drive can be a much more complex and time consuming process compared to retrieving data from a conventional Hard Disk Drive. A USB Flash Drive stores data on one or more NAND Chips, and the data is read and written via a Controller. Different Controllers have different methods of storing and spreading the data (the Data Mix). It is sometimes possible to recover data from a failed USB Flash Drive without having to remove the NAND chip(s) and we always try software based recovery before resorting to chip level data recovery. Please note that it is currently not possible to do chip level data recovery from a Micro USB Drive.

In order to recover data from the NAND Chips in a USB Flash Drive, the NAND chips must be carefully removed from the PCB, the data must be read from the chips using a NAND chip reader (in the correct chip order if there are multiple chips) and then the controller must be emulated and the data extracted. The higher the number of memory chips in a USB Flash Drive the longer it takes to recover the data.

We employ the world's best NAND chip based data recovery hardware and software tools. Our services are very cost competitive, with hands on time charged at $120/Hour and processing time (use of our computer systems and software tools to process the recovery of data) at $60/Hour. If data can not be recovered from the drive then a maximum fee of $120 applies. It is not possible to provide a fixed price, however, we will generally know within an hour or two whether it may be possible to recover your data and the likely time required.

For highly sensitive data you can be assured of confidentiality. For court related matters, we will follow strict Chain of Custody procedures and use tools and methods that will preserve the integrity of the data. One of our data recovery technicians is a Certified Computer Examiner and is conversant with the procedures and reporting requirements for the Australian Courts.

Our tools support the majority of USB Flash Drive Controllers. To organise the recovery of data from your USB Flash Drive, please Contact Us.

Please note that data recovery can not always be possible and there is some risk of further damage occurring in the various processes used (such as during the removal of the NAND chips). You acknowledge that while we will use all care and our best efforts, there is no guarantee and you agree not to hold us liable for any such damage.